john_headshot.jpgWill you help me give West Virginia a strong voice for freedom in the United States Senate?

I believe, after the experience of the last two presidencies, that voters are hungry for a new direction in politics. Not the tired, old politics of special interests in Washington, D.C., but a return to the America of limited government, free enterprise (not crony capitalism, whether practiced by Republicans or Democrats), and individual liberty.

We can marry the so-called “conservative” policies of balanced budgets, limited spending and taxes, and free markets to the “liberal” appreciation of tolerance and diversity, so that our country can move forward and enjoy the blessings of economic prosperity and social inclusiveness.

I realize it's unlikely anyone will agree with my policy prescriptions in every respect (even my partner doesn't agree with me 100%), but I think I can offer West Virginia a thoughtful, honest, and principled approach to solving problems, consistent with personal liberty, that is sorely lacking in the divisive, partisan bickering in Congress today.

Please consider my candidacy for Senate. I hope I'll be able to earn your trust and your vote.


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